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“Three Men and a Baby” is a classic 1987 comedy film directed by Leonard Nimoy. The story revolves around three bachelors named Peter, Michael, and Jack who live together in a luxurious New York City apartment.

One day, their lives are turned upside down when they discover a baby girl on their doorstep. They initially panic and don’t know what to do with the baby, but eventually decide to take care of her until they can find her mother.

As the days go by, the three men struggle to take care of the baby as they have no experience with children. They try their best to feed her, change her diapers, and put her to sleep while also dealing with their own personal problems.

Peter is an architect who is working on an important project for his boss. He has trouble balancing his work responsibilities with taking care of the baby. Michael is an actor who is rehearsing for a play but has trouble focusing due to the baby’s constant crying. Jack is a cartoonist who doesn’t take the situation seriously at first but eventually becomes attached to the baby.

The three men soon realize that they have grown attached to the baby and don’t want to give her up. However, things become complicated when it’s revealed that the baby’s mother is actually one of Peter’s ex-girlfriends who had left the baby in their care without telling them.

The ex-girlfriend returns to claim her daughter but after seeing how well the three men have taken care of her, she agrees to let them continue raising her. The movie ends with Peter, Michael, and Jack happily playing with the baby in their apartment.

“Three Men and a Baby” was a huge success upon its release, grossing over $160 million worldwide. It remains a beloved classic today thanks in large part to its heartwarming story and hilarious comedic moments.




Released in 1987, “Three Men and a Baby” is a classic comedy movie that tells the story of three bachelors who find themselves caring for an infant who was left on their doorstep. The film stars Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson as the three men who must learn to navigate the challenges of parenthood while dealing with their own personal struggles.

One of the things that makes “Three Men and a Baby” such a great movie is its balanced blend of heartwarming moments and comedic elements. There are plenty of laughs throughout the film as the men fumble through diaper changes and bottle feedings, but there are also poignant scenes that showcase the tenderness and love they develop for baby Mary.

The performances of the three leads are also worth noting. Tom Selleck is charming as Peter, an architect who struggles with commitment issues even as he becomes more attached to Mary. Steve Guttenberg plays Michael, an actor who tries to use his newfound fatherhood to impress women but ultimately learns to take responsibility for his actions. Finally, Ted Danson brings his trademark charisma to Jack, a cartoonist who must confront his fear of commitment when he learns that Mary’s mother has returned.

Of course, no discussion of “Three Men and a Baby” would be complete without mentioning one of its most enduring legends: the ghostly figure in the background of one scene. Although this turned out to be nothing more than a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson’s character from another film project, it became one of the most infamous pieces of movie trivia in history.

Overall, “Three Men and a Baby” is a delightful comedy that still holds up today. Its themes of friendship, commitment, and fatherhood are universal, while its humor remains fresh thanks to the talents of its cast and crew. Whether you’re a fan of classic comedies or just looking for a heartwarming movie to enjoy with your family, “Three Men and a Baby” is definitely worth checking out.



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